New Feature: Favourites

With the all new 2014 version of the TGE App we’ve added Favourites, this simple little feature is going to completely change your TGE experience, let me explain how:

The Problem

It’s Friday evening, you’re standing in a queue outside Audio at 7:59pm, its no good, you aren’t seeing these guys play. No problem, there’s only a few hundred other bands playing right now, you just have to pick which one! Except you can’t remember whether or not the you liked the band playing at Komedia…if only you could have a list of all the bands you liked, a list that’sĀ separateĀ from your weekend plan so you could make quick decisions without making a dash for the nearest Wifi hotspot to look people up on Spotify.

Well hey, turns out that’s exactly what you can do!



To add a favourite simply tap the star icon on any Artists profile page

Artist Profile Page

Once you’ve set an Artist as a Favourite they’ll appear with the star next to their name on the Artists list, on the Venues page and on the Gigs list, everywhere you see their name! So when you’re stood outside trying to decide where to go next you’ll be able to tell instantly who you want to see.

Share the love

“But wait!” I here you say, “My friend Dave has got a list of favourites, he says it’s bound to be better than mine, how can I share my list of favourites with him so he can see just how wrong he is?!”. Don’t fret my confrontational friend we’ve thought of that too, you can in fact easily share your lists of Favourites online! Simply open the menu and tap Favourites, then tap ‘Share’ and select your social media outlet/email client of choice!

Favourites Screen


Once you’ve posted your link, your friends can click and see this lovely customised lineup page full of your (clearly superior) choices, click on the image below to see mine:

Favourites Webpage



And that’s that! Favourites are just one of the massive new features we are planning this year to make your festival experience better than ever. If you have any feedback or suggestions direct them at me via @TGEAPP on Twitter.